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Welcome to Homeland Investment Group!

Find a home that provides the space for a growing family and the opportunity to obtain career goals. At Homeland Investment Group, we help property owners connect with residents in Spokane so that they find the right place for their concerns and goals.

Our team of experienced professionals in the local real estate and rental market understand that local residents want an affordable and residential space that works with their specific needs. We also recognize that property owners want to work with responsible tenants who take care of their property and do not leave behind costly damages.

It is our goal to connect property owners with the right tenants based on their goals and the needs of local residents. We specialize in residential properties, including multi-family homes and apartment complexes, so we have the skills and tools to assist individuals in a variety of situations and areas throughout Spokane, Washington.

Enjoy the freedom of finding the right rental space for your goals or working with responsible tenants in Spokane. Let the professionals at Homeland Investment Group connect you with the right individuals so that you can settle in the right rental space for your family.